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                  • 【高中英语作文】《The Visit To The Moon》_400字

                    If I had the chance to visit the moon. I might be very excited. In the meanwhile,I might have some problems. The first one is how to breathe.To solve this problem,I would take oxyen tanks. The seao阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《快餐》_600字

                    As we all know , fast foodis becoming more and more popular in Chian,childrens and teenagers to eat fast food very much. There are many reasons for its popularity . Firstly, fast food is very conre阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《May you be kind to the world(愿你被世界善待)》_2000字

                    May you be kind to the world You will never know how strong you are, until you besides strong have no choice. Road, only one step a footprint of walk by themselves, and experience, can only rely on阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】?#24230;?#30340;一生》_1500字

                    Person's life If what is the most important of my life, you must first think of is life, life is precious. But after the life the most complex and the most important is the person's mood state of阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《Four Seasons》_875字

                    Thereare four seasons : spring, summer, autumn and winter. The weather of one seasonis different from that of any other. Inspring, everything begins to grow up. The flowers grow up. The trees grow阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《How do I think of AI》_853字

                    As we know, AI is common soon. Thereare different opinions among people as to AI.Some people suggest that AI will change theworld and makes the world better. But some people think AI will destroy th阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《Comparing Living In TKK With Living In Home》_1000字

                    When entering college, we were all away from home. It meant my life circle became wider, my experience became richer, and my abilities became stronger. It is really different to living at home in ma阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《Coming to TKK》_900字

                    I come from Xiamen City, Fujian Province. After college entrance examinations I chose this college, TKK, because I heard that this is a very beautiful college with high quality equipment, pleasant c阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《中秋节主要活动介绍》_1000字

                    一个英文网站面向中学生投稿,请你写一篇英文稿件,介绍中秋节以及这个节日的主要活动。 写作要点:1.它是中国传统节日之一 2.家人团聚 3.赏月、吃月饼 4.还?#26032;?#28216;、访?#35757;?#20854;他活动 The Mid-Autumn Festival Hello,everyone!Today I am gong to introduce one of Chinese traditional festivals阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《应聘校庆支持人》_897字

                    假设你是红星中学高二一班学生李华。你们学校即将举行建校50周年庆典,届时将有众多外国友人参加。因此,校学生会拟招聘英语主持人,请根据以下信息写一封英文申请信。 ?#24895;瘢?#28909;情开朗,?#26143;?#21644;力 能力:发音标准,声音洪亮,临场应变能力强 其他:... 注意:1.词数不少于60 2.开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数 提示词:校庆anniversary Dear Sir or Madam,阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《邀请Christopher J.A.Smith来我校演讲》_1000字

                    假设你是红星中学的学生会会长李华,你从报纸上得知英国人Christopher J.A.Smith先生骑自行车从英国抵达北京,创下新的世界纪录。请你用英文给他写一封邮件,邀请他近期来到你校做一次演讲。 内容:1.?#24471;?#36992;请他的原因 2.告知演讲相关信息(如时间地点听众等) 3.询问对方能否前来 注意:1.开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总字数 2.词数不少于50 Dear Mr.Smith, I阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《给Jacky解释原因》_550字

                    假定你是李华,你与本班英国交换生Jacky约好本周末一起进行语文训练,但是因故无法进?#23567;?#35831;你给他发一封电子邮件作出解释。 注意?#28023;?)词数100左右 (2)可以?#23454;?#28155;加细节,以使行文连贯 Dear Jacky, I`m so sorry that I can not practice Chinese with you.I am eager to apologize for me stoo阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《DNA检测科技报道》_900字

                    你接受了一项写作任务,为英语校报写一篇科技报道。 写作内容:请根据以下内容,介绍国外医疗行业出?#20540;?#26032;技术。 内容包括:技术名称:DNA检测 检测方法?#21644;?#28082;样本?#27835;?检测费用:125英镑 检测时常:4—6周 检测用途?#28023;?)预测重大疾病(2)预知食物偏好 (3)提示合适的锻?#26007;?#27861; 检测影响?#28023;?)增强健康意识 (2)容易引起过度焦虑 提示词?#21644;?#28082;样本:saliva sample阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《Never Give Up》_900字

                    Never Give Up Last week,we had a sport meet.Many admirable students moved us greatly.Li Hua was one of them.When we prepared for the sport meet,Li Hua was eager to be an athlete,so he decided to en阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《给我的朋友Joe写一封建议信》_900字

                    你的朋友Joe为了迎接高考努力学习,进来病倒了。请你以李华的名义给他写一封信,就健康和学习方面谈谈你的看法并提出建议。 注意:词数100-120 可以?#23454;?#28155;加细节,以使行文连贯 Dear Joe, I am so sorry to hear that you have been ill for days and hope you have got quite better now.I h阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《A LETTER TO MYSELF》_900字

                    Dear Bill, How are you ?I don’t know why I write to you on such a normal day,maybe I just miss you ,maybe I just wanna tell you something about you . First of all ,I want you to know that I am you阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《邀请Peter提供作品》_900字

                    假定你是李华,你校摄影部(photography club)竟要举办国际中学摄影展。请给你的英国朋友Peter写封信,请他提供作品。信的内容包括: 1.主题:环境保护 2.展览时间 3.投稿邮箱:[email protected] 注意:1.词数100 2.可以?#23454;?#28155;加细节,以使行文连贯 Dear Peter, I`m so glad to share good news with you阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《科技论文》_1000字

                    Why doesn't the fish sleep? Do we close eyeseyes, and now I don't know the answer why. Slowly, I can forget about it, until yesterday, the teacher asked us to write science this, I suddenly rememb阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《参与志愿者活动有?#23567;穇800字

                    假定你是学校志愿者团队的李华,为维护城市自然环境,五月六日你们班到中山公园参加了环保志愿者活动。请你用日记?#38382;?#35760;叙此事。 内容包括:1.活动内容:捡拾垃圾、分发传单。 2.你?#21592;敬位?#21160;的感想 注意:1.词数100左右 2.日记开头已经拟好,不计入总词数 提示词:传单 leaflets May 6th Saturday fine. I went to ZhongShan Park w阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《共享单?#36947;?#19982;弊》_1000字

                    现在,越来越多的共享单车出现在我们的身边,给大家的出?#20889;?#26469;了便利但也出?#33267;?#19968;定的问题。假设你是红星中学高一一班学生李华,请就这个话题给校刊“英语角”写一篇英文稿件,内容包括: 1.共享单?#26723;?#30410;处 2.出?#27835;?#39064; 3.你的建议 提示词:共享单车 shared bikes Dear Editor of English Corner, Hello,everyone!I`m so glad to阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《向我的留学生朋友Bob表达歉意》_600字

                    假定你是李华,与留学生朋友Bob?#32423;?#22909;一起去书店,因故不能赴约。请给他写信,内容包括:1.表达歉意 2.?#24471;?#21407;因 3.另约时间 注意:1.词数100 2.可以?#23454;?#28155;加细节,以使行文连贯 Dear Bob, I`m so sorry that I can`t go to Xi Dan Book Building with you,I am eager to apologize to you阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《致即将来中国的TOM》_700字

                    Dear Tom, I am so glad to hear that you will be an exchange student in China.I rreally want to introduce some Chines culture to you,which will help you to learn and understand Chinese culture bette阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《How to keep healthy》_1000字

                    假设你是阳光外国语学校的李华,为引起学生们对健?#26723;?#37325;视,你校将举办一场英语演讲?#28909;?#20027;题为“How to keep healthy".内容:1.简述现状 2.?#27835;?#21407;因 3.提出建议 注意:1.词数100左右 2.参考词汇:malnutrition 营养不良 near-sightedness 近视 How to keep healthy A survey on health is cond阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《邀请Chriss》_700字

                    假定你是李华,计划组织一次?#21152;危?#35831;给你的英国朋友Chriss写一封邮件,邀请他参加。 内容:1.参加者 2.时间、地点 3.活动:登?#20581;?#37326;餐 注意:1.词数80左右 2.可以?#23454;?#28155;加细节,以使行文连贯 Dear Chriss, I`m so glad to share a good news with you:we will go camping on this Saturday.阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《申请加拿大某高中交换生资格》_600字

                    假如你是李华,要申请加拿大某高中交换生资格。请根据要点用英语给该校校长写一封信,阐述你想去加拿大交换留学原因。 要点:1.多移民导致文化多样性 2.风景优美 Dear Headmaster, I want to apply for a position to be an exchange student.As we all know,Canada is a distinctive cou阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《旅游线路建议——长江之旅》_800字

                    你的英国好友Jim所在学校组织学生来中国旅游,有?#25945;?#32447;路可以选择:”长江之旅“和”泰山之?#23567;啊im来信希望你能够给她一些建议。请给她回信,内容: 1.你建议线路 2.你的理由 3.你的祝愿 Dear Jim, I`m so glad to hear that you are going to travel around China with yourclassmates this su阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《询问近况》_650字

                    假设你是李津,与你以前的外教Mrs.Green一直保持联系,近日他来信询问你的近况,请根据以下要点给她回复一封邮件: 1.简要介绍自己的学习和生活 2.告知她你已成为八月底在天津举办的第十三届全运会志愿者 3.希望他有机会重访天津 参考词汇:第十三届全运会 the 13th National Games Dear Mrs.Green, I`m so glad to hear from阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《A letter to my friend》_550字

                    My school will hold a lecture about how to deal with accidents, when we go class at December 12th, they will invite an expert who is called LI, it is known for us. To begin with, we ready for the e阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《A folded bike》_600字

                    Do you want to get a new bike,which is lighter and takes less space what we used before?We have the most smallest and lightest folded bike to solve your problems. This folded bike is only 5.5kg and阅读全文

                  • 【高中英语作文】《Cheongsam》_1500字

                    Cheongsam is notonly a symbol of traditional Chinese clothing, but also one of the classics of theworld’s clothing culture. Cheongsam, atraditional costume of Chinese was popular in the Republic of阅读全文



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